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Struggle in the Halloween collection

2008-10-30 06:34:12 by Andekas

The other day I submitted my movie to the Halloween collection of 2008, before it reached the collection my rating was 3.52 and stable. By now it has fallen to 3.10 which gives good reason for me to believe that there is a struggle in the collection. In short, people are voting 0's to others' flashes so that their own movies would be higher in the ranking. My point isn't that my movie is great and deserves a better score (it deserves what people think it deserves) but it just kinda makes me wanna laugh, seeing all these new flashes being sprayed into the collection and then scooping in really low, for example, movies like "Nightmare On Your Street" and "Fucking Kids!" also "Evil Dead" are REALLY underrated. "Nightmare On Your Street" has a very professional drawing style and great ending, "Fucking Kids!", I'lI have to agree, has a shitty story and name, but, in fact i have never seen such an original way of animating, it's perfect in my mind, everything is drawn out very well and is real smooth, kind of an eye candy to me. When I watched "Evil Dead" I realized that the author had put a lot of effort into the making of it, something that most people don't maybe recognize . The voice acting suited well, the story was well narrated and it was great overall! Guys, check these submissions out and try to vote fair! ;)


Struggle in the Halloween collection


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2008-10-30 07:04:14